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Ever dreamed of being an Entrepreneur? Don’t know where to start?

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Here, we’ve created an “Entrepreneur’s Space” for the young and dynamic to pursue a professional career in the financial services industry.

As the world continues to move towards globalization, the need for individuals and corporations to address their risk management and wealth preservation has grown significantly. Thus, the need for qualified professionals in financial services has increased enormously as well.

All-weather services

A huge part of our services to our clients are what we call all-weather services. In which regardless of the market, there would always be a need which would be addressed by our financial service.

Now put this into the perspective of our entrepreneur, there would always be something you could provide to your clients regardless of the market. There would always be a need for your services. Hence a career with us is akin to having an “all-weather” career as well!

What defines an Entrepreneur?
It means you be your own boss, having free time to accomplish your career goals. Of course, every entrepreneur aims to have a passive income. Who would say no to an early retirement? The key is to make most out of your limited time, and achieve your goals ahead of schedule.

rich dad & poor dad
ESBI Quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, stated that if we are stuck in an employed model, we have to actively work in order to get an active income.

If we stopped working, our income stops as well. Definitely not an ideal situation, isn’t it?

So let see how one could progress up the ladder into financial freedom by understanding about Robert Kiyosaki’s ESBI Quadrant.

You work to get an active income. You work for people.

You be your own boss. You work for yourself, but you’re still working for an active income.

You own a business system. Where people work for you. You generate a passive income.

You’re an investor. Money works for you. You get a passive income.

An entrepreneur’s ultimate goal is to have a passive income. And this is exactly what an entrepreneur with us could achieve.

Don’t have a financial background or knowledge? Worry not as we’ve created a platform for nurturing of new and young Entrepreneurs. We’d make sure you have all the right tools before you begin your career with us by providing you with all the training, supervising, and coaching you need.

Let’s not forget, our Entrepreneurs are the people who make us the team we are today. The success of our Entrepreneurs represents the success of Great Vision!