Mr. Alex Lim

GV Founder & Group CEO

Our founder and Group CEO who leads the team for over 30 years, has successfully built the most vibrant and productive wealth management planners and team builders. Since 2014, GV became an integrated financial services provider, providing wealth management solutions to individuals, families and business enterprises.

Under his leadership, Great Vision has consistently been a trusted and top distribution channel for our Principal Partners over the last 30 years, across insurance, investment funds and financing industries, in building and aligning wealth protection, accumulation and distribution needs of clients in the SME, affluent and high net- worth markets, making Great Vision the trusted one-stop financial services organization.

Mr. Amos Yap

Corporate Strategy
Great Vision Group Executive Director

Amos Yap led regional training strategic cooperation in Southeast Asia and China for more than 10 years. Amos had successfully managed the integration of two large insurers in Malaysia particularly in agency training systems & agency cultures. In 2015, Amos started his own training and management consultancy business with Specifique Group. Subsequently in 2020, he returned to AIA group as Senior Director of AIA Group Distribution Academy, covering 14 markets across all distribution channels, Partnership and Corporate Solutions.

His expertise covers business strategy, leadership, sales management, personal effectiveness, team building & performance coaching. His received many commendable statements from his employers, participants and partners in Asia Pacific and he was
listed in the International WHO’S WHO of Professionals.


Mr. Kelvin Ng


CEO, Great Vision Associates Sdn Bhd
Great Vision Group Executive Director

As Head of Business Development for Financial Products, Kelvin provides counsel and advice to business entrepreneurs on Wealth Management. His people development capability has earned him numerous Excellent Manager Awards in the financial services industry, in both local and International arenas.

A firm believer of Leadership by Example, Kelvin’s consistent personal sales has brought him a TOT and 4 MDRT recognitions, which further inspired his well-developed team bringing him 5 times National Champions for Group Sales Manager & Manager Direct categories. As GV’s MDRT Club Chairman of the innovative hybrid model of MDRT recognitions, the Club to date has developed 3 TOTs, 5 COTs and 44 MDRTs.


Mr. William Chuah


CEO, GVMA Financing Advisory Sdn Bhd
Great Vision Group Executive Director

William Chuah is the key person in securing the sole outsourcing appointments by Maybank and CIMB in Malaysia. He managed to secure the regional loan outsourcing expansion to Maybank Singapore in 2014 & Maybank Jakarta in 2017. William continues to play the leading role as CEO for the mortgage advisory team, collaborating with a few major local & foreign banks.

William actively engages SME owners with the Financial Standing Report, sharing the “3M Financial Mindset” for financial literacy which he strongly believes is critical for business success. With his field experience & skill, William is regularly invited to speak at various industry platforms and also contributed numerous articles as well as on radio live talks. William’s leadership influence plus his passion has resulted in steady business growth and team expansion into JB, East Coast and East Malaysia from zero presence in those markets.


Mr. Andy Tang


Corporate Agency Distribution
Great Vision Group Executive Director

Andy Tang has been leading the training arm of Great Vision Group for the last 30 years and his financial solutions with innovative product packaging had constantly built Top Sales and directly contributed to Great Vision’s streak of winning the Top Agency awards for 10 consecutive years. He had set up a unique Financial Advisory Platform that supports GV associates in moving into SME and high net-worth markets.

Andy’s profound experience in delivering wealth management solutions makes him a much sought- after speaker at regional conferences. Andy leads committees in organizing successive Wealth Management Seminars (WMS), National Entrepreneurs Conventions (NEC) and many other marketing events that generate valuable collaboration opportunities.


Mr. Andy Yap

ACCA, RFP, MDRT, EMBA (candidate)

Managing Director , AccelVantage Academy
Great Vision Group Executive Director

Andy Yap, the Group Executive Director of Great Vision, has over 20 years experience in the financial services particularly in personal and business financial planning. Andy was being appointed as the Managing Director to lead Accelvantage Academy (AVA)* to provide wealth management education and coaching for AHAM Wealth Consultants nationwide.

Andy managed to turn around a lost-making company into a profitable business in merely 2 years. Under his mentorship, Andy had helped the Wealth Consultants to achieve 47 awards during the AHAM Asset Management Awards Night in year 2021. Andy helps to develop the ecosystems for Great Vision which offers SME and corporate business advisory. Andy is also a public speaker for various financial and business seminars both locally and abroad.