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At various stages of life, we would come across various financial needs. For instance, you’re planning to get married and start a family, hence purchasing a house becomes a priority. In order to achieve that however, you’ll need to get a mortgage loan.

Or let’s say you’re a businessman, you’re starting a new business or trying to grow your current one, an SME financing is exactly the type of assist you need.

Loans are a huge financial commitment. Nevertheless securing the right one would help you achieve your goals without placing an insurmountable financial burden on you. Imagine committing to a loan so huge that you have no disposable income after paying off your monthly repayment. 

You have a house, but how about your daily expenses? What your child’s education, parents’ healthcare, household expenditure and savings? Bet no one calls that a dream life isn’t it?

Moreover, no loan comes without liabilities. One is exposed to the risk of auction in the case of a failed repayment. Via a proper risk management, one would have a calculated risk exposure to help get rid of liabilities.

Therefore, a perfect loan is all about getting the right balance between your income and the loan commitment. Securing a manageable one could go a long way in helping you achieve your goals while not placing a huge financial burden on you.

So, how can Great Vision assist you?


However, there are flaws in the model as a lot of times we’d overlook essential planning for our business. A proper business financial plan goes a long way to providing security for your business.

So what are the things we need to look into when it comes to business financial planning?

Here, our experienced financial professionals would analyze and evaluate your financial situation, such as:

  • Your income
  • Your debt
  • Your other loans

From here we would gain an in-depth knowledge on your financial situation, before assisting in restructuring your debt, reducing the interest cost, evaluating the costs and benefits, and ultimately, formulating the optimal loan to help you achieve your goals.

APA (Asset Protection Account) & BAPA (Business Asset Protection Account)

APA & BAPA is a financial solution to provide offset in the form of debt cancellation for your personal or business assets.

Assets, both personal and business, are one of the biggest liabilities we need to bear. It’s vital to protect our loved ones from these liabilities if anything happens to us.

This is where APA & BAPA come in, where asset protection packages are carefully formulated for your personal or business assets to ensure that you leave behind debt-free assets for your loved ones.