Why Great Vision?

My Personal Financial Planning
The “whats” and “hows”
“If something happens to me, my family would have trouble supporting themselves.”
“I can’t afford to fall ill and lose my job/income source.”
“I have respectable income but I can’t seem to save enough for my children’s education.”
“I don’t know if I’m putting my money at the right places.”
“I want to achieve financial freedom and prepare for my retirement.”

These are just some of the situations we encounter in life. We’d all eventually face financial situations of some sort one day. Hence it’s vital to be prepared for it sooner rather than later.

Great Vision is here to provide your solutions.

And that’s not all, financial planning is not a one-off event, measuring results and making necessary adjustments are equally important for a plan to be successful. Fret not. Your advisor would have that covered for you too.

Let’s start off by going through the situations
you may encounter during your different phases of lifE:
Young adult
20’s to 40’s
40’s to 50’s
50’s to 60’s

These are the typical concerns one would encounter at different stages of his/her life. Each concerns calls for a specific financial plan. That’s not all.

The situations above go along with the supposedly “natural” progression of life. However, in the occurrence of an uncontrollable event which could happen at any age, such as the loss of ability to work (due to illness or accidents) or even death, is your family equipped to cope with such drastic situations?

Do not let these complex sounding situations scare you off though. Our advisors are here to offer advice and help you navigate through these seemingly complex matters.